spray chalk02

Spray chalk $6.00

now white or lavendar

score cards

Score card holder

Rigid ($6.50) and folding ($5.50)

carpet bowls

Carpet bowls $75.00


rebound disc


grippit tube
grippit tub


Cloth    $4.50

Tube $5.50

Tub $6.50



Lawn bowling gloves.  Tacky synthetic leather Serino for solid grip on bowls.  $15.00 Medium and large in stock


A bowl and jack lifter, manufactured in chrome coated steel. Comes in  three section for easy storage in your bowling bag and can be screwed  together when needed. $29.00

2011 rule book

Current US rulebook


Rebound Disc

The original practice tool out of Australia.  The set includes 2 “jacks” and 8 “bowls”.  Set them up, knock them down and they pop right back up.  No need to reset the head. 

Grass or sand filled artificial greens $100

Other artificial greens  $110