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Drakes Pride bowls stickers red, white, yellow, gold, blue, orange, silver regularly 1.35 per set, now only 1.00


Bowling gloves Ladies Medium right regularly 15.00 now 12.50.  Left handed Ladies small and medium, mens medium and large regularly 15.00 now    7.50

hunter mini bag

Hunter min bag.  Discontinued model similar to the new Taylor mini sports bag.  Available in pink or black.  Now only $45.00

hunter maxi bag
sports bag
hunter maxi bag02

Hunter Maxi bag-long enough to hold 3 bowls wide. 1 only in green, Now only $65

Hunter midi bag-this has been replaced by the Taylor sports bag.  Only in Burgundy.  Now only $55.00

Discontinued sports bag.  1 only in black/silver.  Now only $65.00